Supers closer to striking

Feb 09

Friday, Feb 25th 2011, 4:00 AM

More than 3,000 Bronx building superintendents, janitors and rubbish handlers voted unanimously Wednesday night to approve a strike if a borough’s landlords destroy to accommodate their final for a new agreement subsequent month.

The building workers, members of Local 32BJ of a Service Employees International Union, don’t wish to go on strike, pronounced Angel Ortega, a super during a 300-apartment commune in Riverdale.

But a kinship is against to a new agreement due by a Bronx Realty Advisory Board, that represents building owners. That offer would need workers to assistance compensate for their health caring and would barter their pensions for a 401(k) assets plan.

A strike would close down upkeep work during 1,000 condo, commune and unit buildings in a Bronx, inspiring scarcely 240,000 tenants.

“We don’t wish to interrupt life for anybody,” pronounced Ortega, 44, a super for 30 years and a son of a longtime South Bronx super. “But a backs are on a wall.”

William Schur, boss of a BRAB and a Bronx building owner, has pronounced a organisation is “hopeful that a inheritor agreement will be reached before Mar 15,” when a stream agreement expires.

Last week, a workers deserted a board’s agreement offer and are seeking for medium salary increases.

On average, workers acquire $15 an hour in a South Bronx and $17 in Riverdale.

“Undercutting a livelihoods of building workers not usually hurts their families and a communities though could repudiate hundreds of thousands of tenants a services they count on,” pronounced Kyle Bragg, clamp boss of 32BJ.

“This strike opinion shows we’re dynamic to keep a Bronx a place that operative families can still means to call home.”

“We know a economy is bad, though they wish to take a grant divided from us,” remarkable Ortega, a father of three. “It’s unequivocally tough. We don’t make a income that a supers in Manhattan make.”

In 2008, talks between 32BJ and a house went “down to a wire,” with a kinship winning salary increases.

The dual sides will accommodate for a third time early subsequent month.

Last spring, an eleventh-hour agreement between 32BJ and a Realty Advisory Board, a building owners organisation apart from a BRAB, saved 3,200 buildings in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island from a harmful strike.

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