Are we profitable too most in rent? launches lease estimator

Nov 26


Real estate list use has only suggested a new underline to a web services: a lease estimator.  The company’s blog explained a Rent Zestimates will be enclosed in let listings national and will uncover estimates of what your lease should be.

How? The blog says: Computed regulating a exclusive algorithm that takes open record information, as good as information from hundreds of thousands of let listings on Zillow, they are starting points in last a home or apartment’s satisfactory lease price.

The site claims to have Zestimates on some-more than 90 million homes during a moment, with skeleton to enhance to more. With renters creation adult a reported 70% of a market, this launch is only in time for spring’s standard relocating season.

It comes as some-more and some-more renter-friendly websites start giving renters a top hand. Earlier this year, Who Is My Landlord?  emerged as a one-stop site for building information (such as violations) and user-generated reviews of a building landlord or owner.

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